Due Diligence

Our research and due diligence begins with an overview of the target market and takes into account socio economic, geographic, political and fundamental analysis. Property Pioneers are satisfied that the market and products satisfy our clients requirements we conclude our due diligence by looking at the “incidental” or easily overlooked but important details such as developer track records, standing in the market place, warranties and property management.

This process has become second nature to us, only a small percentage of the projects which are offered to us are actually accepted and presented to our clients. You are judged by the company you keep and to this end we are very selective about the people and partners we work with, taking great care to know their financial status, background and business dealings.

Our Due Diligence includes but is not confined to:

  • Location
  • Infrastructure
  • Regional Political Stability
  • Socio Economic Factors
  • Tax Considerations
  • Supply and Demand
  • Historical Price Trends
  • Tourism
  • Developer Awards
  • Regional Status
  • The Macro Economic Situation
  • Legal Considerations
  • GVT Funding
  • EU Input
  • H.E Ranking
  • Relevant Regulations and License checks
  • Company Registration, History and Background of owners
  • Contracts, Transfer Process and Title considerations
  • Construction Quality and Associated Warranties and Guarantees
  • Sales Agreements / Property Management Contracts

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